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The women featured here are the inventors, innovators, and inspirations revolutionizing the health and wellness industry as we know it.

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Former Swimmer Emily Klueh on Why Olympic Athletes Need Mental Health Support
The former Team USA swimmer is headed to Tokyo as a mental health officer for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, helping elite athletes care for their minds as well as they care for their bodies. 
How Sarah McBride, the First Openly Trans State Senator, Plans to Bring Equity to Health Care
The Delaware lawmaker, elected last November, is the first openly trans state senator, and now the advocate-turned-politician is committed to making everyone feel seen and heard through her legislation. 
These 3 Women Are Changing How People Find Mental Health Support
Meet three visionaries who are breaking molds and taboos to help everyone get the mental health support they need.
How Honeybee Health and Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi are Making Health Care Affordable
Dr. Jessica Nouhavandi wants to bring consistency, affordability, and transparency to the pharmaceutical industry.
The Cherokee Nation’s Lisa Pivec Explains Tribal Public Health Differs From Mainstream Health Care
As the senior director of public health for Cherokee Nation Health Services, she’s charged with helping to serve more than 340,000 tribal citizens.
This Feng Shui Expert Explains How Small Changes Can Make your Home a Better Place to Live
This feng shui designer and meditation teacher has mastered the art of turning home into a space of nourishment, mindfulness, and balance.

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The Best Captain Marvel-Inspired Gear to Release Your Inner Warrior
From athleisure leggings to skincare serum, here's the gear that will help you harness your inner #WellnessWarrior.
5 Things You Seriously Should Stop Worrying About
Make this your happiest year yet by letting go of these things, once and for all.

These 7 Black Women Are the Unsung Heroes of the COVID Pandemic

In the health care and medical spaces critical to curbing COVID-19, seven Black women are playing both offense and defense against a crisis—stabilizing the same ground on which they blaze new trails.