We Have To Be True In Our Walk With God

Live For Christ / Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

One of the inevitable realities of being caught up in sin in our walk with God is to try to cover it up to keep others from knowing whom we really are.

It’s no surprise that people are able to develop excellent skills in covering up their sins.

The leading fruit that habitual sin produces is hypocrisy, which is expressed through living a double life.

You are one person in the presence of people who know you to be a Christian while you’re someone else out of their presence.

You give them an erroneous impression that you’re serving God sincerely while the type of life that you’re living out of their sight is totally inconsistent with how someone is supposed to live for God.

The main reason that we are indulging in sin secretly is to keep people from knowing what we are doing because our deeds are evil while knowing fully that we should be living according to the light emanating from the truth of God’s Word (John 3:19-20).

Since we are already aware of the kind of life that we should be living; therefore, when doing something that goes against it, we are then forced to hide it by falsely assuming that nobody will ever be able to see and catch us.

So many times, we somehow think that we will be able to put a complete stop to whatever we’re doing in secret before we get caught, particularly those who are indulging in sexual sins.  

God Wants Us To Be True In Him

Did you know that your true identity in God has nothing to do with whom you are in people’s sight?

Your true identity in God is exactly the person He wants you to be when you are at home, either alone or with family members, when you are at work, when you are out of your spouse’s sight, or when you are at your most secret place or moment, not whom you fabricate yourself to be in the presence of those who know you.

The problem with living a double life is that since you don’t want to be whom God wants you to be when you’re out of people’s sight, then the enemy has given you another identity, which cannot be revealed openly, especially to those who know you to have been someone else throughout their close relationship with you over the years. 

Then you have to pretend that you’re the person that you fabricate yourself to be in people’s sight in order to deceive them with the sole intent of keeping them from finding out your true identity.

But if you were willing to be whom God truly wants you to be in every situation and moment of your life, you would have no problem of letting it come out in people’s sight.

People should know who we are in accordance with whom God wants us to be, not according to whom we want or choose to be.

We Should Have One Identity

Beloved, God wants us to have one identity. That identity pertains to whom we should be on the inside, the center of our being in the light of His regenerating work.

You see, if there’s inner purity, it will create such a strong desire for holiness and righteousness.

And there’s absolutely nothing to hide when our lives are producing these types of fruits being the embodiment of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

The light of God shining within is going to manifest through our behaviors.

But if the inside is filled with wickedness, it will create an ongoing desire toward sinful things in order to feed it, thus causing us to keep on hiding something.

Well, that’s where I was at one point. And it’s one of the most troubling situations to find yourself in since there’s no inner peace and joy.

Not only that, you’re walking out there feeling empty and guilty because you know that your life isn’t right with God.

Let’s Focus On What God Thinks About Us

The bottom line is that how people conceive us in the light of what they think about us has no bearing at all when it comes to our spiritual standing with God.

It’s all about what God Himself thinks about us that matters.

The problem is that when trapped in sin, we become much more concerned about getting our lives right in front of people because a slight revelation of the kind of life we’re living in secrecy can change their whole perspective about us. 

However, when it comes to God Himself who sees us every step of the way, we continue to practice the very things that He hates plainly in His sight.

That’s nothing more than a lack of reverence for Him. Therefore, if you truly want to overcome sin, it has to start with a genuine desire to stop being a hypocrite with yourself.

Don’t try to deceive people with false impression pretending that you are someone while fully knowing that you are not. 

And the enemy is quite an expert at making us become much more concerned about satisfying others’ expectations regarding what they think of us than God’s while finding ourselves wallowing in a complete mess.

Let Whom God Wants Us To Be Shine

Your relationship with God started right from your spirit the moment you came to Christ.

Therefore, the Christian life that you have to live starts out from your regenerated spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with the purpose of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

You have a Christlike personality being imparted into your regenerated spirit in the form of a seed, which is the very embodiment of your Christian life.

That personality has to grow and grow and take over your whole being by repelling the old sinful life you used to live.

Next, it has to go straight to your soul through the renewal of your mind. That personality is in perfect harmony with the Word of God.

Therefore, the soul must be in proper alignment with the Word in order for that personality to pervade every aspect of the soul.

At last, this personality has to manifest outwardly through your body. There must genuine transformation that takes place in your life, particularly in your behavior, attitude, and so on.

There’s nothing to lose when living a life pleasing to God. Think about the awesome peace, joy, confidence that you have when you know that you are at right standing with the Lord.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about being caught or exposed. And what about the horrible consequences of sin that you may end up facing?  

Let’s allow God Himself to transform us daily through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit in order for us to be true to Him and ourselves in the presence of others.

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