Understanding God’s Full Hatred Toward Sin

Live For Christ / Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Why does God hate sin?

If there’s something in the whole universe God hates the most, it is sin; the very embodiment of evil.

The prime reason that God hates sin up to the core has to do with the fact that it goes against His immutable nature and character that are firmly framed on the pillars of holiness and righteousness (Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8; 1 Peter 1:16; Psalm 145:17).

Sin also goes against the purpose He made us for, which is to glorify Him in the beauty of holiness and righteousness through complete obedience and humility.

His full hatred toward sin is centered on the reality that we allow the devil to use us or dominate our lives in a way where we can no longer be pleasing to God, nor can we ever fulfill our God-given purpose.

God made mankind for Himself (Isaiah 43:7), not to become some type of remote control toy out of the hand of Satan.

But he found a way to use sin as a means to pull mankind away from God by placing them under his own dominion.

Sin is a major stumbling block impeding people from becoming whom the Creator wants them to be in Him for His glory.

Sin builds up a constant tendency in the sinner to keep on living in the same sinful and shameful condition that God already hates.

Sin either destroys, hijacks, or defiles the very attributes He has made us with that reflect whom He is.

Not only that, sin is predicated solely on using our God-given abilities and body parts in such a way that not only dishonors Him, but also the very purpose for which they were given.

Satan Is The Author Of Sin

Satan is known as the author and the father of sin (Genesis 3:1-4; 1 John 3:8; Matthew 4:3).

Sin is the means by which the devil controls mankind. A sinful life is nothing more than a manifestation of the devil’s presence and control over someone’s life.

Therefore, sin injects in the sinner the devil’s own nature, which is a spirit of hostility, rebellion, and irreverence toward the Creator who deserves eternal praise (Romans 1:25).

The devil finds his strength and pleasure in sinful living, which is a visible or physical manifestation of his kingdom of darkness.

Sin destroys the spiritual appetite of the sinner by making him want nothing to do with God.

It literally causes the sinner to become a liar, prideful, arrogant, irresponsible, indifferent, and negligent toward the things of God.

And it also places the sinner in desperate situations where he’s always trying to run away from God in order to gratify his own unrestrained sinful desires bursting forth within by catering to the very things that are outside of God’s will that will ultimately lead him to eternal destruction. 

Although, the external or physical ramifications of sin can be seen quite clearly through someone’s behavior.

It can also be seen through the physical body in the sense of corruption and ungodliness, which can potentially destroy it. 

However, sin corrupts the soul of man, which is the center of his personality.

No wonder how ugly, despicable, repugnant, rotten, and stinky the soul is in the presence of God due to the unholy and toxic effects of sin.

The corruption of the soul, which can be labeled as inner corruption is the very heart of the problem humanity is facing since that is the very component that influences sinful behaviors.

In other words, the sinful behavior of man is a direct result of how corrupt and depraved his soul is.

Sin Creates A Wedge Between God And You

God hates sin because it literally drives His presence away from us.


When we’re living in sin, we don’t want Him to lead our lives. We become so filled up with wickedness to the degree that He cannot find room to operate within us.

All we want is freedom for the sake of doing whatever we want by freeing up our mind of the consequences that we may face down the line. Sin destroys our necessity to seek and rely on God.  

When people deliberately choose to go against God’s holy nature, they become the exact opposite of whom He wants them to be. They become His enemies.

Their hearts become hardened and darkened. They become conceited with the characteristics of their own sinfulness due to their separation from God, which equates to spiritual death.

The root of sin is selfishness, which renders sinners to focus on themselves, their needs, their ambitions, their desires to be fulfilled, and so forth at the expense of either kicking or keeping God out of their lives.

Beloved, sin is lawlessness; a contemptuous act to God. It’s an act that insults or shows contempt toward the Creator. 

Sin is also an act that causes us to trample God’s holy Word under our feet by giving the enemy foothold in our lives.

Our sinful behaviors are very unkind, uncaring, and unloving to Him. Consequently, He is very displeased and disturbed when we choose to rebel against Him while having our best interests at heart. 

If we could understand or imagine how much God hates sin in the context of being consciously aware of that profound hatred in every situation we find ourselves in, then we would make certain that we make decisions that revere His immutable nature and character as a holy and righteous God.

In short, sin glorifies Satan while dishonoring God.


The spiritual law concerning the indwelling presence and influence of God and the devil is that we attract in our lives the one whom we choose to honor by repelling the other one.

But we want to ensure that we glorify and honor God by repelling Satan in our lives by resisting and shaming him through the total victory that Jesus has won for us over him.

Let’s bring joy and glory to God by resisting the enemy. Make Jesus proud about His sacrificial death on behalf of you on the cross by allowing the provision found within to take control of your life.

Every time you resist Satan and his field of temptation, you’re shaming him openly as a being interested only in enslaving people.

Therefore, resisting him is also tantamount to rejecting and defeating him.

Brief Summary

The main purpose of your Christian life is to glorify and honor God in the midst of everything the enemy is doing to fail you on that.

The truth is that God hates sin while Satan loves it to death and the misery it brings in people’s lives. Sinning against God annoys Him while the enemy is deeply pleased by it.

On the contrary, God is deeply pleased and revered when we resist Satan by rejecting his sinful offers while the enemy is greatly annoyed by our bold resistance to him.

Therefore, when you resist the devil by submitting yourself to God, you send a powerful message to him.

Your resistance toward sin is simply an expression of God’s hatred toward sin in your life while your love for sin is just an expression of Satan’s love for sin.

The passage of (James 4:7) tells us that when we resist Satan, he will flee from us.

In case, you didn’t know that, there’s something powerful and transcendent that takes place during resisting him when tempted to do evil.

You can only resist the devil fully by relying on the power of the Holy Spirit operating through you. 

Therefore, when you choose to resist the devil by submitting yourself to God, you allow His mighty power to flow within you, which the enemy cannot contend against.

Your submission to God allows Him to fight for you by taking care of the temptation you’re facing.

That’s why the devil has to flee.

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