The Purpose Of Your Existence In Light Of Pleasure And Satisfaction

Live For Christ / Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

A divine call to get back to the spiritual essence of our existence…

Let us look at these Scripture verses below to get an understanding concerning why you and I exist.

This is going to be significant when it concerns why we get trapped in sin..

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them (Genesis 1:27).

Everyone who is called by My name, And whom I have created for My glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made (Isaiah 43:7).

You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor (Psalms 8:5).

God all throughout His eternal existence has never done anything primordially to satisfy the interest of anybody outside of Himself.

This has never been the motivating factor in whatever He has been doing throughout the existence of all He has created.

If the main purpose of God in creating humanity had revolved around just satisfying them by making them feel good about themselves by allowing them to do what they deem would be in their best interest, He would have never brought them into existence in the first place because He created mankind for His glory.

It means that He created us for a higher and greater purpose than self-satisfaction, which is the root of sin.

We exist as an expression of His glory. We don’t exist for ourselves but for God.

His glory is everything to Him, the embodiment of His shining greatness. His glory should also be everything to us as entities created for His glory.

It’s the essence of His eternal existence, nature, and character. It’s the intrinsic substance that makes Him whom He is as the Almighty, supreme, and sovereign God who depends on nothing.

His glory is His inspiration, motivation, determination, and ultimate purpose in everything He is doing. 

He created mankind for His glory to be their sole source of inspiration, motivation, determination, and ultimate purpose in what they are doing in life as well. 

Our whole existence can be summed up to these five words: The glory of God Almighty.

If we exist for a very specific purpose originating all the way back from eternity; therefore, our existence demands responsibility in order to fulfill that divine purpose that comes with it.

The essence of our own existence is predicated solely on the responsibility we have toward our Maker.

We have a fundamental responsibility to glorify God through a life of obedience; the essence of holiness and righteousness which ought to be the visible manifestation of His glory in our lives.

If our existence were to be framed on satisfying our own desires and urges while the things of God, the things that are in His best interest don’t occupy first place in our lives, our existence would have been meaningless and useless to Him.

Because we would be living outside of the essence of our existence. His divine purpose, the primal factor that compelled Him to make us wouldn’t be able to be fulfilled in our lives.

Our lives wouldn’t have the priority and purpose that God intended for it to have.

Let’s say for example that you invented a tool to fulfill a specific purpose. The primary reason that inspired you to invent such tool was the purpose that it was going to serve.

But the tool has become all messed up, thus becoming unable to be useful. Your inspiration can no longer be fulfilled.

The truth that God made us in His image according to (Genesis 1:26) means that He has great expectation for us.

He desires satisfaction and pleasure from our lives not in the sense that He cannot live without our own existence since He was doing just fine prior to mankind existence, but it is mainly because He sovereignly wills it that way.

He doesn’t do that because He is a selfish or self-centered God. He does it because He is the supreme Creator.

Therefore, His will must be fulfilled first and foremost in our lives. Our focus must be centered on Him who sustains our daily lives.

Then we will find the satisfaction, joy, peace, confidence, sense of fulfillment, and pleasure that He created us to enjoy through glorifying Him. Everything that God wants us to have and enjoy is confined within the realm of His glory.

This is where and how we will find true and lasting satisfaction for our soul. True satisfaction is when we are either exercising or fulfilling the divine purpose that He created us for.

That’s how God has intended for us to enjoy satisfaction and pleasure. He made us in order for our satisfaction and pleasure to be centered on glorifying Him who is worthy of all glory and honor.

Therefore, His glory gets to become our own satisfaction and pleasure just as His glory is for Him.

When we have failed to assume our God-given responsibility, this will start creating all types of issues in our lives.

When we choose to rebel against Him to get things our own ways by going beyond the boundaries He has set to structure our lives; then we find ourselves separated from Him, which will ultimately cause us to get lost under the influence of Satan, thus becoming powerless and defenseless against his schemes.

We’ll become disconnected to the main purpose of our existence.

Just think about how tragic it is to live life outside the realm of the divine purpose of our own existence.

That’s how we get lost in the deep confusion and deception that comes along with sin.

In our lost state, we strive to make sin work for us by offering it more of our time, energy, effort, excitement, curiosity, finances, and so on. We try to rely on it as a way of self-medicating our painful feelings in life.

That’s idolatry at its best (Colossians 3:5).

A life of bondage then ensues as a result of trying to satisfy ourselves with things outside of His will that are in no way reflective of His glory.

The things that weren’t meant to be enjoyed that we’ve chosen to indulge in through our own ignorance by means of rebellion have implanted themselves in our system as an out of control beast, thus becoming a part of ourselves that is difficult to get rid of.

We’ve become possessed and driven by the things that fall outside the realm of the will of God having absolutely nothing to do with enabling us to fulfill His divine purpose in life.

These things get to become serious impediments either obstructing or deviating us from doing the things that God wants us to do.

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