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Get in on this movement.

If you shop at fast fashion retailers, we're not judging. We get the appeal: their pieces are cheap, trendy, and often look like luxury fashion knockoffs. But the sad fact is that many companies reduce the cost of their clothing by employing cheap labor, which often means relying on factories in developing countries where working conditions may be unsafe and less regulated, fair wages may not paid, and reasonable hours may not be met.

Fast fashion can lead to waste, too. Many of us tend to go through clothes quicker than we should, in part because items are poorly made and fall apart after a few washes.

I can relate. So, one of my goals this season is to invest in more sustainable fashion pieces that—although they might be a little more expensive per item—are durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly. I think I'll save money by not constantly giving in to quick trends that I'll toss for the next best thing. Going into fall, I plan to invest in sustainable brands that are giving back. Below, 11 of the ethical, sustainable brands I'll be shopping.

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