How Can You And I Find Our Satisfaction And Pleasure In God?

Live For Christ / Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

The way that God has fashioned the very fabric constituting the existence of mankind is that anything we are pursuing outside of His will won’t provide us anything of great value in return, except something we will have to be guilty, ashamed, and regretful of either on this side of life or the one to come.

Since God is the source of true and lasting satisfaction, the only way we can enjoy His satisfaction is by aligning our lives with the master plan He had in mind when planning to bring mankind into existence.

First of all, He wasn’t under some form of obligation of any kind to create the human race.

He wasn’t also under some type of external influences pressuring Him into doing it.

Besides, He didn’t owe humanity their existence. As the all-sufficient God, He would have been able to operate just fine without the existence of mankind.

But He sovereignly chose to do so. Our existence is nothing more than a privilege granted to us by God.

Therefore, it was a choice which was totally dependent upon Him. That choice had a well-defined purpose confined within.

We have to bring our lives into harmony with that purpose which motivated God to make mankind in His image in the first place which was His glory.

Because when we’ve lost our connection with Him by exchanging His glory for worldly things in the pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction just to feel good physically and mentally, life has become senseless, purposeless, and empty.

Life has become so purposeless to the extent that we have lost our ability to fulfill our God-given purposes in life.

We’re simply living life just as if the purpose of our existence was to live for ourselves; therefore, we’re just doing the things that we either think or believe will satisfy us according to what makes sense to our flesh.

We’ve become selfish, careless, and hostile about God’s will as a result of being caught up in gratifying our own fleshly desires.

The truth is that we can’t serve God while serving our flesh.

When getting lost in the realm of the flesh, we’ve become incapable of acknowledging our own sinful state in God’s sight unless being convicted by His Spirit.

We’re acting out foolishly without even realizing it because our perception of reality has become manipulated by our sinful attitudes.

We’re indulging in sinful practices that will enslave us without being aware of it until we want to stop it.

We’re leading our lives in such a deplorable state which is far below the standard by which He created us to operate while still feeling comfortable the way we are.

We’ve become blinded by Satan to the degree that we feel better off to live in sin rather than in the presence of God.

We even grip with fear that we will be missing out on something truly significant that we cannot afford to let go if we were to choose to turn to God by turning away from our sinful ways while sin is such a dangerous poison destroying everything that He has made us to be for His glory.

We go and connect our lives with things that can never give us the kind of satisfaction that can only be found in God through Christ alone.

Anything that is outside of His will which doesn’t reflect His glory will never be able to satisfy us because God didn’t create it that way.

Since the existence of mankind was planned all the way back from eternity by God, He sovereignly fashioned it in such a way that would reflect His divine purpose.

Therefore, the way He created mankind to live in order to fulfill the purpose of their existence is how they should be living.

Our existence is founded on His glory. His glory is the essence of our existence. Additionally, it is the ultimate purpose of our existence.

His glory is what was meant to bring our existence purpose and value.

Our God-given purpose in life which revolves around glorifying Him in the beauty of holiness and righteousness transcends our own existence.

Since the glory of God always comes first, the responsibility we have toward His glory was the leading factor that compelled Him to make us in His image in the first place as conscious and intelligent being who can serve Him.

But according to (Romans 3:23), sin has caused all to fall short of the glory of God. In other words, all have fallen short of the main purpose of their God-given existence.

Spiritual death then ensued (Romans 6:23). Since the law that governs how God operates in relation to His creation is the law of spiritual life, usefulness, and fruitfulness, those who have fallen into a state of spiritual death have become useless and fruitless in His sight, thus becoming subject to His divine wrath.

The good news is that God has sent His only Son Christ Jesus to come and lay down His life for mankind in order to bring them back to the true essence of their existence which they had lost as a result of sin in the garden of Eden.

His glory was the motivating factor that compelled Him to offer His Son as the sacrificial Lamb for our sins.

The essence of the substitutionary death of Christ was the glory of God.

The coming of Jesus Christ in this world to redeem mankind from their sin could also be summed up to these same five words: The glory of God Almighty.

He was, in fact, the incarnation and radiance of the glory of God (Hebrews 1:3).

He came down in order to make it possible for mankind to glorify their supreme Creator once again by laying the foundation upon which they would be able to lead a life characterized by obedience to God which sin had deprived them from doing.

If you’ve never known Jesus Christ, it’s time to accept Him as your personal Savior and Lord. It’s time for you to cover yourself with the glory of God.

It’s time for you to connect your life to the main source of your existence by receiving Christ Jesus.

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