One Year Chronological Bible Program

The Word of God / Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

An Excellent Method To Read The Bible!

Most people read Bible in the usual way but a new approach has been suggested that makes it easy to read and understand Bible.

This program for chronological reading of the Bible helps readers read it within one year. It presents a great opportunity to read this book and understand what it tries to convey.

Most people have never read Bible this way. This reading technique offers a way to become more knowledgeable about Bible and connect with God who cares for everyone in this universe.

Some facts are well known:

1. Only about 10% Christians have read the whole Bible. Most do not even consider completing it. However, it is a goal that can be achieved by reading it in chronological order.

2. Even those Christians who have read Bible face difficulty in understanding several parts of it. While some Bible aspects are familiar and understood well, most sections remain difficult to understand, especially for a layperson.

3. Due to present fast-paced life, most Christians are unable to devote meaningful time to connecting with God in their life. The main reason behind this is that they do not know how to read Bible properly.

Now here is the new program that presents events of the Bible as they happened. Those who use this chronological reading program will understand Scripture better because this reading technique makes it easy to understand each part of Bible.

The main idea of this program is to read Bible in a chronological way. The program offers extensive help in this regard.

Chronological refers to an orderly way. Bible takes a themed approach. The Scripture authors wanted to inform about the particular events and situations.

They compiled the Scripture in a book format so the message that Bible conveys can reach to maximum number of people.

The Old Testament has 39 books while the new one has 27. They cover incidents that happened over 4500 years.

The events have not been placed in order as they happened. Readers find they are jumping back and forth between events, making it difficult to figure out whether an incident happened earlier or later than another incident.

This puts pressure on the reader to invest a lot more time than necessary in understanding how the events in Bible relate to each other.

David Shreve, the program’s author, has solved this problem by rearranging the Bible’s content and presenting its events in order.

It is like reading a modern book where events follow chronologically and as they happened one after another. This is the way most novels are written – they have a start, a middle and a conclusion.

The foundation of this program is what makes it so great.

This is not the first chronological approach to read Bible. There are many others. Some simply rearrange the events chronologically on a single page.

Some extend to multiple book volumes where Scripture text has been rearranged. So, how is this program different from them?

1. The first difference is how long it has been under development. The author started working on this program in 1974 at a time when no such program existed.

Over the years, he read the Bible using this program every year. He conducted research, compared and revised regularly until the program was perfect.

It was released in 2018 for the general public. There is no other chronological Bible reading program that has gone through this much development.

He has made sure all the Bible events are provided in order. It took years of time and effort but the result is amazing.

2. The study helps have been provided. Some of the Bible parts can be difficult to understand and that is where the chronological reading program works well.

The other programs simply try to rearrange the Scripture and leave it at that. That is not sufficient for laypeople who want solid explanation of each aspect of an event to understand everything better.

David Shreve has a Greek minor and a Bible degree. From the time he was at Cedarville University, he has spent a lot of time studying the Bible.

He has hundreds of theology and Bible related books in his library. With his evangelical and mainstream views, he makes sure to explain instances where he differs from orthodoxy.

He informs the reader at these places that he is presenting his own minor view. It puts the readers at ease while reading Bible using this unique Bible reading program.

He provides extensive notes and the project covers 1200 pages. Nothing has been left out as he covers all biblical materials from a theological and devotional perspective. He satisfies both the heart and head of the reader.

This program for chronological reading of the Bible is perfect for everyone interested in understanding the Scriptures better.

It is available here.

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