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Financial Stress Is a Leading Catalyst for Suicide—These Steps Can Help Save Lives
Research shows money stress can make people up to 20 times more likely to make a suicide attempt. Here's the psychology behind it, according to doctors—plus steps to move forward and save lives.
Male Infertility Treatment Could Be the Key to Cutting Fertility Costs for Families
We as a society avoid talking about infertility—especially male infertility. This stigma is not only decreasing access to valuable family-building services; it's driving up costs, too.
How to Cancel Your Gym Membership—Without Losing Too Much Money
It is notoriously difficult to cancel a gym membership. COVID has changed workout habits, and maybe you're looking for more. Here are tips to cancel your membership without losing too much money.
7 Breast Cancer Charities to Consider When Making Charitable Donations
Deciding which charitable organizations to support can be daunting. Here are some of the leading breast cancer-related charities today.
7 Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food
Good nutrition is the key to a healthy mind and body—and it doesn't have to be expensive. Here are expert tips on how to have a healthy diet on a budget.
ADHD Time Blindness Contributes to My Impulse Spending
For me, the worst part of ADHD isn't being fidgety or hyper-focused; it's under-discussed symptoms such as time blindness and impulsive spending—both of which are wreaking havoc on my finances.

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What Freelancers and Contract Workers Need to Know About Health Insurance
Getting adequate (and affordable) health insurance can feel like a nightmare when you're a freelancer or self-employed. Here's a guide to help you find the right plan for you.
What Does Medicare Cover? Not Everything You Need
The reality is that Medicare won't pay for dental, vision, long-term care, or many other medical services that are crucial in retirement. Here's how to plan now for your future health needs, now.

How Much Does Therapy Cost—and How Can You Save Money on Mental Health?

Want to get the best bang for your mental health dollar? Here are the top low-price, high-reward recommendations for overall mental wellbeing.