Infectious Diseases

Caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms, infectious diseases range from mild to life-threatening. They can be spread from person to person, transmitted by insects or animals, or picked up through contaminated food. Many can be prevented with vaccines.

Featured Stories

A 24-Year-Old Who Contracted COVID When She Was Pregnant Delivered Her Baby but Died Before She Could Hold Him
Keighlie Renee Reaux, 24, died weeks after delivering her infant son via C-section and being put into a medically induced coma as she fought the virus.
Wendy Williams Tests Positive for Breakthrough COVID amid Ongoing 'Health Evaluations'
The upcoming season of The Wendy Williams Show has been postponed to next month due to the TV personality’s positive COVID test.

More Infectious Diseases

Alabama Man Dies After 43 Hospitals with Full ICUs Allegedly Turn Him Away
The family of Ray Martin DeMonia, who died from heart issues, is now urging people to get vaccinated after hospitals filled with COVID patients struggled to find him an open ICU bed.