The Effects On Trauma

Trauma is a monster that lives within you and constantly reminds you of your worst experiences in life.

Traumatic memories drain your strength in many ways. This is more than just bodily strength. Trauma lives on your mental, physical, and emotional energies and can be draining.

Have you ever realized how nervous, fragile, and exhausted you feel whenever a tragic event occurs around you? Trauma and memories of trauma can put you in the same spot over and over again.

The monster within will scratch, stab, and sting you constantly. When the trauma beast unleashes its rage, you will experience heavy pain in your chest area as you feel your core being torn apart.

The replays usually consist of one or more tragic experiences you experienced in your life. These reruns of emotional, sexual, physical, and verbal pain usually pop up when least expected.

The monster will not let go as it continues to unleash its horrible abuse on you until you’re so emotionally, mentally, and physically damaged to be able to live a normal life.

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